Daily Archives: September 27, 2018


Could Derek Mears be the nicest man in Hollywood? It’s entirely possible, and those that have met him in his previous Rock and Shock appearances can testify to his positivity. He is genuine, hilarious, honest and cares for each of his fans. To say he appreciates your appreciation of his career would be an understatement.

And how about that career? Whether playing a human character or covered in monster makeup, Derek’s resume has gotten exponentially larger over the years. Many horror fans, of course, got to know him in 2009 with his role as Jason Voorhees in the last Friday the 13th film, but he’s done so much more, with parts in The Hills Have Eyes II (2007), Hatchet III, Holliston, Sons of Anarchy, Grimm, Dead Snow 2, True Blood, Sleepy Hollow, Twin Peaks (2017), RWBY, The Flash and so many more. Make sure to stop at his booth and say hello!