Jeremy Davies has made a name for himself in many big films and television shows (Twister, Saving Private Ryan, Solaris, Justified, Supergirl), but for us, it’s his quirky, cult favorite projects that make us excited to have him at Rock and Shock. Whether it’s Spanking the Monkey, Ravenous, Secretary, Hannibal, Twin Peaks (2017) or American Gods, Jeremy always stood out amid even the most bizarre scenarios.

His largest roles were often ones that brought together the best of two worlds, with turns in odd and monstrous projects that appealed to a large audience. He took on the role of cult leader Charles Manson in Helter Skelter, appeared in thirteen episodes of Sleepy Hollow as Malcolm Dreyfus, and of course, there is his most famous role, playing Dr. Daniel Faraday on the vastly popular series Lost.

Jeremy is going to be with us in just a couple weeks, so bring your Lost theories and come say hello!