If you’re playing the Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon game, Ted Raimi’s resume can practically guarantee you a quick victory no matter who you choose. His non-horror credits alone have given him a memorable career, with roles in Postcards From the Edge, Clear and Present Danger, Seaquest 2032, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Code Monkeys, and the Spider-Man series directed by his brother Sam.

For us, though, it is horror and its many subgenres that made him a legend. He has teamed with his brother for the Evil Dead series along with Darkman, Crimewave, and Drag Me To Hell. Beyond that, he has appeared in (deep breath) Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except, Blood Rage, Intruder, Shocker, Twin Peaks, Candyman, Maniac Cop III, Wishmaster, The Grudge, Man with the Screaming Brain, Masters of Horror, My Name is Bruce, The Midnight Meat Train, Supernatural, and so many more. He is as versatile as he is talented, and he will be with us this October 12-14 at Rock and Shock!