Joe Knetter and Sarah French are proof that if you put the work in you will make things happen. Their passion for the horror genre has seen opportunities growing year after year, and there really is no end in sight. Joe’s writing path has taken him from his individual books (Twisted Loneliness, Vile Beauty, Room) to working with Adam Green for last year’s Victor Crowley series tie-in novel I, Survivor, and his recent screenwriting has come in the form of the recent acclaimed independent feature Blind as well as the upcoming Desert Moon. Sarah has found success in front of the camera, with starring roles in Ouija House, Bryan the RomCom, Rootwood, a performance in Blind that many are calling her breakout role, as well as the upcoming Hanukkah, Desert Moon and Automation. They are two of our favorite and most fun guests, and they’ll be here October 11-13 at the DCU Center!