The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has a legacy worthy of the horror hall of fame. The series has had at least one movie released each decade since its inception in 1974, and each of the films, while they may share characters, actors and even directors, has its own feel and is a unique experience. There have been sequels, prequels and reimaginings, but at the end of the day the words Texas Chainsaw Massacre still bring chills to the spine of horror fans. One of the biggest reasons for those shivers is the absolutely iconic lead character, Leatherface, and those that have played the flesh mask wearing killer have gone the extra mile to bring honor to the role while bringing a unique performance as well. That is certainly true of our next guest, Dan Yeager, who brought respect to the character while also bringing savagery, madness, and even humanity to his portrayal for the 2013 sequel to the original, Texas Chainsaw 3D. Dan’s passion for the character earned him a place in horror history, and we welcome him to Rock and Shock!