Remembering a Master

One of the greatest things about meeting people you admire is getting that bit of personal time with them that creates happiness for you and memories that will never fade. The other side of that, sadly, is the grief caused when they pass away. Today we are in deep mourning for the inimitable George A. Romero. He was beloved in life, and those feelings continue now that he’s gone. And that’s why, even though it hurts, it was worth it to meet him, because to talk to him was to love him all the more. He was so easy going and the most humble person you could ever meet. He enjoyed himself at shows, and he had so much fun mingling with his fans, because as much as we loved him, he loved us right back. He had no ego, and was always grateful that so many people gave their time to come and meet him. He never expected it, and never took his fans for granted. That is a sign of a good man in a business that is often cold and unfeeling. He loved you, and I hope you know that.
It is a very hard day, and there will be more hard days ahead as we adjust to a world without the glorious spark of light that George was. But here’s something. As I sat and thought about him after learning about his passing, through the sadness and grief and numbness, two words kept digging through all that, words that needed to rise above everything and be known, and those words were THANK YOU. Thank you for the brilliant films you left the world to enjoy for the rest of time. Thank you for creating the zombie genre as we know it today. Thank you for the enjoyment your work gave us as well as the lessons they taught us about life and how to treat one another. Thank you for the variety in your work, because the films without zombies were as fabulous as their flesh eating siblings. Thank you for appearing at Rock and Shock when we were a new show and finding our footing, and for continuing to support us with appearances throughout the years, even going so far as sending autographed items for the fans when you were ill and had to cancel in 2006. Thank you for your kindness, for being so easy going, for caring so much about not only your work but your fans, and for being one of the finest human beings this world has ever known. You will be missed, you will always be in our hearts, and you will always be loved.