We have had a few days to get out from under our feet and want to take a moment to thank everyone for an amazing event this year! We are a small team of people that do this for the fans and we hope you all had amazing time. We look forward to seeing you all again next year! THANK YOU!








Ladies and gentleman, Chris Sarandon is coming to Rock and Shock! In Hollywood, being remembered is not easy. For every actor that makes it big there are a hundred that wash away in obscurity, and having a memorable role, one that becomes synonymous with an actor for the rest of their life, takes skill, passion and intelligence. But what about when they have several memorable roles? What happens when they take the raw coal of a character, apply their talent and create a diamond not once but over and again? That, friends, is what Chris Sarandon has done. He has created a resume that is hard to match, playing characters you keep going back to in comedy, drama and, for his most loyal fans, in horror. He was Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride, Reverend Current in Tales From The Crypt’s Bordello Of Blood, Mike Norris in Child’s Play, Jerry Dandrige in Fright Night and, of course, the voice of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas. That is a legacy to be appreciated, and here at Rock and Shock we are doing just that by welcoming back this unforgettable film icon, Mr. Chris Sarandon.






This just in: a sneak preview screening of The Chair is coming to Rock and Shock! The Chair is an independent feature directed by Chad Ferrin (Someone’s Knocking At The Door) and based on the graphic novel by Peter Simeti (Alterna Comics). It is scheduled to open in select independent theaters on October 19th, but we’re getting the chance to show it first! The film deals with wrongful accusation and surviving brutality both mental and physical, and stars Rock and Shock alumni Naomi Grossman, Ezra Buzzington, Joe Pilato and the late and dearly missed Roddy Piper. In another starring role is our guest this year, Zach Galligan, and Zach will be on hand to introduce the film for its one time showing on Saturday, October 15th. This is a unique opportunity to see a film before the general public, and we’re hoping you’ll come and support the movie and then talk to Zach about the experience after.




Did you think our guest announcements were over? Not yet, because Reggie Bannister is coming to Rock and Shock! Mr. Bannister is best known for playing Reggie in every film in the legendary Phantasm series, and has recently stepped into those shoes once again for the upcoming fifth movie, Phantasm: Ravager. Playing the character made Reggie a very memorable horror vet, but he didn’t rest on his laurels, taking on roles in Wishmaster, Bubba Ho-Tep and almost fifty other films, including a part in the video for fellow Rock and Shock guest Twiztid’s music video for the song Boogieman. He’ll be hanging out with us all weekend, and we hope you’ll come see him!


Rob Zombie fans, we’ve got a new addition to our reunion for his new film 31, and it’s an actor who has worked with the musician/director several times in recent years, Jeff Daniel Phillips. Jeff began his collaborations with Zombie by playing a dual role in 2009’s Halloween II and quickly added a part in the RZ-directed episode of CSI: Miami. He then broke out into major character status with parts in The Lords Of Salem and, of course, 31, and has also appeared in music videos for Rob’s band. Besides working with Zombie, Jeff has done work in projects from the creepy 90s show Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction to the recent Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the upcoming Westworld series, and you may also remember him as the caveman in a series of ads for Geico, which spun off into a show. Jeff’s certainly got a lot of work under his belt, so stop by for an autograph at the show and talk about your favorite!