More frightening than the Great Pumpkin, heavier than Santa Claus and keeping better time than Baby New Year, the multi-headed, extra-limbed, ever evolving beast known as The Rocking Dead is rising once again from the underworld this October. Unlike its above mentioned brethren of once a year appearances, though, The Rocking Dead is not for kids. Helmed by the axe wielding maniac of Faster Pussycat and The Throbs fame, Ace Von Johnson, this year’s demon band will also contain six string slasher Ashes (DevilDriver, Static X), vocal hypnotists Riki Rachtman (Headbanger’s Ball, the Cathouse) and Brett Von Dehl (Heathens, The Relapse Symphony), the thunderclap bass of Acey Slade (Joan Jett, Murderdolls), the concussive percussion of Kriz DK (Genitorturers, Deadstar Assembly), and the vampiric charms of saxophonist Tim Cappello (The Lost Boys, Ringo Starr’s Allstarrs). The Rocking Dead cannot be tamed, and will only return to the depths once they have completed their set of fast and ferocious covers. The only ones safe from their wrath will be those in attendance at the Palladium on Saturday, October 14th to take in their tribute to their elders. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


0915rs-klebe-sqGUEST ANNOUNCEMENT! It’s not easy in the current climate of horror for an actor to break through and remain relevant all while remaining artistically challenged and passionate for their craft, but Kristina Klebe has proven to be unforgettable. Ten years ago she roared into our lives with her portrayal of Lynda in Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Since then she has branched out into television (Criminal Minds, NCIS), short films (As Human As Animal, which she also wrote, directed and produced), and video games (Rise of Nightmares, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus). Over the last decade she has never strayed too far from horror, working with fellow Rock and Shock guests Adam Green and Kane Hodder on Chillerama, taking part in Tales of Halloween, and most recently giving voice to the character of Jenny Myers in Friday the 13th: the Game. We are looking forward to having Kristina back at the show and hope you’ll stop by her table to say hello.


FIRST TIME GUEST! Mercedes McNab began acting at the age of ten, and from her very first role in the film adaptation of The Addams Family she began to carve her niche in the horror community. Momentum was gained with a part in the sequel, Addams Family Values, but one of her crowning achievements came with a four season stint as Harmony Kendall in the groundbreaking series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When that show ended she brought Harmony to the spinoff, Angel, and was popular enough with the fans to become a series regular for the final season. While that door may have closed, another opened soon after when a certain filmmaker you may have heard of named Adam Green brought her in to face Victor Crowley in his very first Hatchet film. Mercedes will be with us all weekend to meet you, and we hope you’ll stop by and welcome her to Worcester!

Dustin Warburton

0912rs-dustin-sqFIRST TIME GUEST! Bitten by the writing bug at an early age, Dustin Warburton found himself a published author before he was old enough to vote. Building from that success, he was soon an accomplished wordsmith of horror, crafting genre stories for children, teens and adults in the mediums of books (Taste, Morticians Food and Lilly’s Cove for adults and My Brother Eats Spiders and The Little Monsters Guide on How to Scare Children for the youngsters), graphic novels and screenplays (Spiders 3D, Black Asylum). He has also collaborated with sports legends like Jesse James Leija (Jesse and the Boogyman) and Dennis Rodman (Dennis the Wild Bull). He’s got something for everyone, so if you or your little ones are looking for a new book Dustin’s table would be a good place to start.


0912rs-dietz-sqGUEST ANNOUNCEMENT! With the rise of larger cinemas and blockbuster films playing on multiple screens in every format, the buzz around movies changed. Gone are the sold out shows and people standing in line for hours because the whole country was driven into a frenzy by news reports and word of mouth. In the 1970s, though, that was a measure of a film’s success and longevity, and no horror film became more notorious than The Exorcist. Our next guest, Eileen Dietz, was there for it all. Not only did she play the demon, Pazuzu, but she was also responsible for some of the more physical and adult scenes (crucifix, anyone?) needed for the character of Regan. She is responsible for the nightmares of thousands, and she’d like to meet you this October.

Laura Ortiz

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT! Laura Ortiz is making her return to Rock and Shock! Laura, of course, has starred in several Adam Green projects, beginning in 2010 with Hatchet II and continuing into Chillerama, Holliston, the series Scary Sleepover and Horrified, and she also has a role in his newest entry in the Hatchet series, Victor Crowley. Aside from those popular performances, Laura also gained her horror cred with the 2006 version of The Hills Have Eyes (her first horror project) as well as The Real Housewives of Horror, and in 2014 she hit the big screen for Marvel in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Laura has been quite busy since we last saw her in Worcester, and we’re hoping you’ll be here to congratulate her on her success!

Jonathan Breck

0912rs-breck-sq GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT! Jonathan Breck has achieved a very rare feat in the world of horror movie monsters. Having played The Creeper in every Jeepers Creepers film, Jonathan joined a very small club of actors to have been the only person to portray a particular villain through the original film and all its sequels. Fans of the character, of course, wouldn’t have it any other way, as he brought a mesmerizing form of menace that breathed life into the franchise and has kept it popular since the first film debuted in 2001. Mr. Breck hasn’t been to our show since 2005, and as he doesn’t do very many conventions we are excited that he is spending his October 13-15 with you all.

A message from Ministry

Don’t miss Ministry taking the Worcester Palladium stage with Death Grips on Friday, October 13th headlining the first day of Rock And Shock.


0901rs-french-knetter-sqGUEST ANNOUNCEMENT! We are extra thrilled to be able to tell you that JOE KNETTER and SARAH FRENCH will be with us once again this year! It’s not just because they are two of the most fun and friendly guests we have, or that they are always appreciative of their fans. It’s also not just because of their excellent work, be it Joe’s disturbing and disgusting books like Inspired Nightmares and Zombie Bukkake or Sarah’s strong and beautiful characters in films such as Land Shark, Insectula and Death House. It’s not even because Joe got his own face tattooed on his back end for charity at our show over a decade ago. Friends, we are extra thrilled that they will be with us because it means Joe will be well enough to travel after his recent and extensive back surgery. We are exceptionally happy that he is on the mend, and we hope you all will stop by and wish him well this October 13-15.

Photo Op


Horror fans, this October at Rock and Shock our friends at Mad Monster are presenting you with the incredibly rare opportunity to have a professional photo taken with the legendary KANE HODDER! Even better, he will be donning the full makeup and costume designed by director and original FX creator from Friday the 13th part VIII: The New Blood, JOHN CARL BUECHLER! There will only be 100 tickets available, which will go on sale Tuesday, August 22nd at Tickets are $160 each, which includes admission to the convention that night (but not the concerts) and a maximum of two people can be in each photo op, which will take place on Friday, October 13th starting at 5pm.