ArieScope Pictures Announces Exclusive Limited Edition Bloody Hatchets for Rock and Shock



This weekend Adam Green returns home to Massachusetts when he appears at the Rock And Shock horror and music convention at the DCU Center and Palladium in Worcester, and while he’ll have ArieScope merchandise for sale at his booth all weekend long, he’ll also be coming armed with these incredibly rare bloody replica hatchets– created specifically as convention exclusives for Rock and Shock only.  Aunt Dolly’s Garage FX Studio (the HATCHET series, DIGGING UP THE MARROW, CHILLERAMA) has created these beautiful theatrical quality replica hatchets from the original mold used to create the same prop hatchets used in the actual films. Hand crafted and individually hand-painted (no two hatchets have the same exact blood splatters on them!) these blood covered prop hatchets are a HATCHET fan’s gory dream come true.  But wait…

IMG_8611Only SIX were created.  Only FIVE will be sold…

As these hatchets were meticulously handmade by the very FX artist that worked on the films (Robert Pendergraft)… only SIX were created and only FIVE of them will be sold. (One is being held back for an upcoming charity event that we’ll share details about in just a few more weeks.)  Sorry, but the five available bloody replica hatchets can only be purchased at Adam Green’s booth this weekend at Rock And Shock.  They will not be available to purchase on-line and they cannot be reserved in advance.  These are first come first serve and when they’re sold outthey’re sold out.  Each hatchet goes for $125 (cash or credit card) and comes hand-numbered with a certificate of authenticity signed by Adam Green and FX artist Robert Pendergraft.  Seriously… these are fucking awesome.  Can’t get to Rock and Shock?  Consider getting on their Facebook page and making friends with a fellow fan who is going and who may do you a solid and try and get one for you.  You never know!  Horror fans (and Hatchet Army members especially) tend to be some of the nicest people in the world.

“As a collector myself and as a fan who has spent more hours than I can recall standing in lines to try and score various exclusive toys and collectibles at conventions over the years, I fully understand the significance of getting the chance to own something special and unique that very few other fans will ever have,” says Green.  ”While convention exclusives are a major part of the fun (and often times also the frustration) at events like San Diego Comic Con, exclusive items like these unfortunately still seem to be an incredibly rare commodity on the horror convention circuit.  I wish that ArieScope could do something like this every time I do a convention appearance, but collectibles like these bloody replica hatchets are just too expensive and too time consuming to create to offer at every appearance.  Since Rock And Shock is my hometown crowd (the actual town of Holliston, MA is only 30-45 minutes away from the DCU center) I wanted to do something extra special for the fans coming out to see me.  I wish that our FX house could have created more than just 6 of these special hatchets as I know that with only 5 for sale a lot of fans will be disappointed if they don’t score one… but that’s also part of the fun of the fan convention-going experience.  Hopefully the hardcore fans and Hatchet Army members come straight to my booth early in the convention this year and get one before they’re gone.  I’m always thrilled to see rare collectibles like these go home with real fans that will sincerely appreciate and cherish them as opposed to retail dealers who snatch up as many exclusives as they can only to re-sell them on eBay for a massively inflated price at a later date.  So don’t let Victor Crowley and I down, Hatchet Army: Boston Chapter!  Not even the cast or crew members have these so we want to see them find good homes this weekend!”

Adam Green will be appearing at Rock And Shock this Friday through Sunday (October 16th – 18th) during regular posted convention hours.  Though he’ll have ArieScope merchandise for sale, remember that autographs and pictures are always free so bring whatever you’ve already got for Adam to sign if you’d like.  We can only ship so much stock for appearances like this, so items, sizes, and quantities may not last very long.  Though Adam will need to leave his booth on Saturday at 3pm for his panel/performance with Derek Mears (“Adam & Derek’s Wicked Mint Panel Thing” – DO NOT MISS THIS, GUYS!) and again at 8pm when he moderates George Romero’s panel (UM, YEAH…DON’T MISS THIS EITHER!)… even while he’s gone, the illustrious Jeff and Ron will be holding things down and continuing to sell merchandise at Adam’s booth- so stop by and say hello to them even if Adam has briefly stepped away.

GREEN Banner SMALLLook for Adam Green’s banner / booth at Rock And Shock this weekend!

Good luck and happy hatchet-ing, Rock and Shock!  We hope you’re one of the lucky FIVE who brings home an exclusive bloody replica hatchet this Halloween!




Ladies and gentlemen, can I entice you with one more guest announcement? How about a man who is equally entertaining whether playing a vicious killer, a comedic foil or buried under pounds of prosthetics as any number of creatures, Mr. Derek Mears. Finding his horror footing in 2007’s The Hills Have Eyes II, Derek then earned the highly sought after role of the iconic Jason Voorhees in 2009’s Friday the 13th. With his reputation solidified in the genre he went on to a part in Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead, which he introduced at a screening during last year’s Rock and Shock. He has also worked steadily with another of our guests this year, Adam Green, with roles in Hatchet III and the horror sitcom, Holliston. Between these credits, Derek has gained notoriety for his stunt work as well as playing creatures in films and television shows like Predators, True Blood and Sleepy Hollow. If all that wasn’t enough, Derek also performs improv comedy regularly with his group The Resistance. It’s a good thing he’s 6’5″ because you need a big back to carry all those credits! We’re looking forward to seeing Derek in less than two weeks, and we hope you are too!


Last year, primo photographer Jeremy Saffer presented to us The Rocking Dead. A band of music’s finest was assembled from acts that were on the Rock and Shock bill as well as surprise special guests, and with a mere soundcheck as their only practice as a unit they took the stage and belted out a set of classic Misfits songs. When they were done the fans knew they had seen something truly special, and in many a mind there grew hopes that this rare assembly would return. Well, your voices were heard, and we are ecstatic to announce that Jeremy Saffer will once again present The Rocking Dead to you this year! But this time, the monster has grown! Led by musical director, protector of  animals and rock and roll guitarist extraordinaire Ace Von Johnson, a band has been assembled that brings back many of last year’s gang but, like any good sequel, this one is even bigger! The band and or signings will include luminaries from rock and metal such as:
ALEX STORY–Doyle/Cancerslug
WEDNESDAY 13–Murderdolls/Wednesday 13
ACE VON JOHNSON–Faster Pussycat
TAIME DOWNE–Faster Pussycat
NIKKI MISERY–New Years DayMIKE D’ANTONIO–Killswitch Engage – Signing on Saturday Only
ACEY SLADE–Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
BRET VON DEHL–The Relapse Symphony
As icing on the cake, the players will be signing during the convention! (Note: some will be signing all three days but due to touring schedules some will only be able to sign on Saturday.) As for the performance, what bands and songs will they cover this year? Will there be surprise guests? Well, some secrets are better kept until the show, but with The Rocking Dead added to an already stacked Saturday concert lineup this is an event not to be missed!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Tom Denucci, James Balsamo, Christopher Ott & Joel Robinson to Rock and Shock 2015 Guest Lineup



Friends, today we’re going to show some love to four gents who epitomize what it means to be an independent artist. Breaking out big in any line of work is difficult, but these men put their heart and soul into what they do and always find a way to succeed no matter the obstacles. They work against time crunches and low (or no) budgets to bring the creations they are passionate about to the masses as well as to stoke their inner fire of imagination. Based in Rhode Island, Tom DeNucci began his film career as an actor in 2007 but has since added writing and directing to his repertoire including the films Self Storage, Army of the Damned and Almost Mercy. He has worked with some of horror’s icons and continues to expand his knowledge and abilities with each project. James Balsamo is also a writer, director and actor. Infusing his films with humor, splatter and more cameos than you can count in movies such as Bite School, Catch of the Day and Cool As Hell, James is constantly creating and even raffles off chances for his fans to be killed in one of his films. Christopher Ott is an artist who has worked with NECA and EYEHATEGOD as well as providing pieces for horror conventions such as Kirk Hammett’s Fear FestEvil, Mad Monster Party and our very own Rock and Shock. His wit and detailed images have given him an excellent reputation in the industry, one which grows more each year. Another star on the rise is Joel Robinson. Infusing photorealistic images with intense color schemes, Joel’s most recent work can be seen on the cover art for many Scream Factory titles such as Nightbreed, Lord of Illusions, the Vincent Price Collections and the upcoming The Serpent and the Rainbow, as well as many pieces for Rock and Shock over the years. Please visit these creators when the show arrives in just about two weeks, and support independent artists!