Rock and Shock family, with the heaviest of hearts we have to say goodbye. In our sixteen shows over the past fifteen years, we always had the same goal: to bring you the best show we could without breaking your bank. We wanted to provide a fun environment where horror fans of all kinds could come together, meet some of their favorite actors, directors, musicians, etc, find cool and unique items from our vendors, and have a great time away from the everyday stresses of regular life. We never did this to get rich, and for every single staff member this was a second job, done more for love than money. But now, with the way the convention world has changed over the years, becoming more about profit than the fan experience, putting together a quality show that our fans would enjoy at a price we could afford became nearly impossible. We have always taken your happiness seriously, and unfortunately the industry is now beyond what we can do to keep our goals intact, both for you fans as well as our budget, and there will no longer be a Rock and Shock convention. To all the guests and bands who have been with us, meeting and seeing you brought so much happiness to so many fans, and we thank you for giving them those moments. To those attendees who have passed away over the years, be they celebrity, musician, fan or anywhere in between, thank you for the love you brought to the show, and you will never be forgotten. To all the vendors who have brought their unique wares, thank you for making the show eclectic and diverse every year. To our staff and volunteers, your work made the show flow and we thank you for the incredible work over many long hours. And to our fans, your attendance, enthusiasm, support and happiness were a true joy to behold. We massively appreciate that, and we hope you had a great deal of fun at our show. We will miss you, and will cherish the memories we’ve all made over the years. Thank you for the past fifteen years. This show will live in our hearts forever, and we hope it will reside in yours as well. Thank you so very much.


Rock and Shock Thank You Pic

Rock and Shock 2019 attendees, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of you very, very much for your time and support! Your choice to spend time at our show is something we don’t take lightly, and we appreciate and respect that you wanted to be with us this past weekend. Enjoy your Halloween and may the year ahead be a great one for us all!