With over 200 screen credits and almost 100 stage roles spanning six decades, Ray Wise is a true craftsman of his art. He can play in any genre, any character, and has earned a place on every set as a role model and teacher. His resume speaks to his diversity, with roles in projects such as Swamp Thing (1982), Cat People, Dallas, RoboCop, Bob Roberts, The Chase, Jeepers Creepers 2, Burn Notice, 24, X-Men: First Class, Excision, Chillerama, The Young and the Restless, Fresh Off the Boat, Holliston and Digging Up the Marrow. To many, he is most memorable for his portrayal of Leland Palmer in David Lynch’s bizarre and mysterious world of Twin Peaks. Ray Wise is an actor that nearly everyone has seen onscreen, and he’ll be with us this October 11-13 to share his stories with you.