Evil Dead fans, what do you say we bring some famous ladies to stand alongside Bruce Campbell, namely the Ladies of The Evil Dead! That’s right, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker and Theresa Tilly are coming to Rock and Shock! Filming a low budget independent feature is not easy, especially out in the woods. There is never enough time, money, supplies or rest. The elements are as much an enemy as a friend. Physical and emotional tolls are taken, all for the hope to get your work, your vision, onto screens and out to the public. The odds are against you, but sometimes a special film comes along and breaks through all the constraints to become legendary. Such was the case in 1981 for Sam Raimi’s debut feature, The Evil Dead, and the filming struggles and eventual success of the film created many lasting bonds within the cast and crew, including the friendship between Betsy (Linda), Theresa (Shelly) and Ellen (Cheryl). Despite going on to their own individual careers, the trio would reunite for Brutal Massacre: A Comedy, Dangerous Women, and they’d work with Sam Raimi again on Oz the Great and Powerful. Their friendship would shine even brighter, though, when they began touring the convention circuit together and meeting their fans as The Ladies of The Evil Dead. And now, you’ll get the chance to see for yourself how fun they are this October 11-13 at the DCU Center in downtown Worcester!