The last time Adrienne King was at Rock and Shock was 2009. As the show was nearly over on Sunday a seasonally unusual snow squall moved in. While inconvenient, it also provided the opportunity to see Adrienne do what she does best: care. She told every fan that stopped by her table to be safe traveling, then repeated the well wishes to any worker, vendor or fellow guest she saw after the show ended. That level of concern shows that Adrienne is not only a fantastic actor (Friday the 13th I and II, Tales of Poe, Killer Therapy), painter and winemaker (Crystal Lake Wine), using her natural talent to bring empathy and connection to every project she takes on, but she is also one of the most amazingly thoughtful people you could ever meet. She has genuine care and appreciation for her fans, and if you’d like to make your day even better while at Rock and Shock this October, stopping by to see Adrienne King would be a great way to do so!