Did you think our guest announcements were over? Not yet, because Reggie Bannister is coming to Rock and Shock! Mr. Bannister is best known for playing Reggie in every film in the legendary Phantasm series, and has recently stepped into those shoes once again for the upcoming fifth movie, Phantasm: Ravager. Playing the character made Reggie a very memorable horror vet, but he didn’t rest on his laurels, taking on roles in Wishmaster, Bubba Ho-Tep and almost fifty other films, including a part in the video for fellow Rock and Shock guest Twiztid’s music video for the song Boogieman. He’ll be hanging out with us all weekend, and we hope you’ll come see him!


Rob Zombie fans, we’ve got a new addition to our reunion for his new film 31, and it’s an actor who has worked with the musician/director several times in recent years, Jeff Daniel Phillips. Jeff began his collaborations with Zombie by playing a dual role in 2009’s Halloween II and quickly added a part in the RZ-directed episode of CSI: Miami. He then broke out into major character status with parts in The Lords Of Salem and, of course, 31, and has also appeared in music videos for Rob’s band. Besides working with Zombie, Jeff has done work in projects from the creepy 90s show Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction to the recent Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the upcoming Westworld series, and you may also remember him as the caveman in a series of ads for Geico, which spun off into a show. Jeff’s certainly got a lot of work under his belt, so stop by for an autograph at the show and talk about your favorite!