Friends, we have two music juggernauts coming to Rock and Shock! First up is Phil Anselmo. Breathing new life into the metal scene in the 90s with Pantera, Phil and company became instant influences on countless up and coming heavy bands and young musicians looking for new inspiration. In that time they also gained one of the most loyal fanbases metal has ever seen. Since then Phil has been heavily involved with Down and Rock and Shock alumni Superjoint, as well as running his label, Housecore Records. He even has a musical collaboration going with fellow Rock and Shock guest Bill Moseley! Now, we know you guys and gals are rabid music fans, so we’re also going to announce the appearance of Alan Robert! Anyone who saw Life of Agony reunite to play our convention a couple years ago know that Alan and the band are still a vital part of music, leaving the crowd in awe on memory lane. Alan has also carved himself a much respected name in the comics world, putting out horror influenced titles like Wire Hangers, Crawl to Me and Killogy (which guest-starred one of our previous guests, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein). Alan has even broken into the world of adult coloring books, creating the aptly titled Beauty Of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book. Both of these gents will be signing all weekend at the show, and we hope you can come by to meet them!