The DCU Center might need to have its doors raised, because Tyler Mane is coming to Rock and Shock! The 6’8″ Mane learned how to use his size to both entertain and intimidate by traveling the world as a professional wrestler, and when he switched to acting a decade later the lessons he learned in the ring served him well. His breakthrough role came in 2000 when he played Sabretooth in the original X-Men film, but horror fans got to know him as Rufus Firefly in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects. When Zombie was casting for his Halloween films he knew he had the perfect man to play Michael Myers, and it was in those films that Tyler really made a name for himself in the genre. Recently, Tyler and his wife started a production company, Mane Entertainment. In 2014 they released Compound Fracture, which starred the duo alongside fellow Rock and Shock guest Derek Mears, and are about to release their next feature, Penance Lane. He’s been a busy man since he was here last several years ago, and we’re hoping you’ll add Tyler to your list of guests to meet in less than one month!