Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to talk to an actor who truly understands the finest nuances of slipping into the mind of a character, please come see William Forsythe this October. The man does not disappoint. Looking at his screen career, playing characters like Sheriff Wydell in The Devil’s Rejects, Ronnie White in Halloween (2007) or infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy in Dear Mr. Gacy, you might be a bit apprehensive to meet Mr. Forsythe, but that is his genius. That is how expert he is at his craft, giving his all to every role and putting every bit of his energy on the screen. Then when you meet him you discover that he is thoughtful, funny and intelligent, and you walk away happy you met him. We’re certainly happy he’ll be visiting with us again this year, and hopefully you’ll make time to chat him up about some of his 138 (and counting) acting roles.

Horror can not be defined solely based on the genre of a movie, as it takes a great deal of skill to create fear without ever providing a visual. No one writes reality based horror like Jack Ketchum. He has the ability to make you feel as if you were in every grueling scene, be it as a depraved voyeur or unwilling accessory. He can horrify, but more importantly he can terrify. That is the gem of realistic horror, the knowledge that what you are reading can actually happen and the fear derived within that thought. Reading his work makes you more cautious about being out late alone. You look over your shoulder more. You memorize more faces. You perfect the art of watching people around you without looking them in the eye. Ever since his first novel, Off Season, hit the shelves in 1980 Jack has been making us nervous readers, pouring gas on the fire in our minds with titles like The Girl Next Door, Offspring, Joyride, The Lost and Old Flames. In recent years he has published titles co-written with director Lucky McKee (May, Sick Girl) including The Woman, I’m Not Sam and the upcoming The Secret Life Of Souls. It is always a joy to have Jack at our show, and we hope you’ll stop by his table and pick up some reading to sharpen up your survival instinct.