Attention: We have two more exciting guest announcements for Rock and Shock!

Here’s a cool addition to our Rock and Shock family: Zack Galligan! Did you know Zack’s first feature film role was Gremlins? Good work if you can get it, especially when you’re the lead! After the success of the film established him in the hearts of horror fans, Zack went on to help create another franchise, Waxwork, and from there starred in sequels to both series. From there he was in an episode of Tales From The Crypt and, for any Hellraiser fans out there, he had a small, uncredited role in the bar scene in Hellraiser III. Zack made a triumphant return to horror playing the major part of Sheriff Fowler in Hatchet III in 2013, and we look forward to giving you all the chance to meet him this October!

Look everyone, we have another guest to add to our celebration for Rob Zombie’s new film 31! Ginger Lynn plays Cherry Bomb in the movie, a role that is sure to be explosive indeed. This is not Ginger’s first Rob Zombie film, of course, as she played Fanny, the woman responsible for Captain Spaulding’s nocturnal emission in Devil’s Rejects. She also had roles in horror films such as Buried Alive, Evil Breed: The Legend Of Samhain and Saw: A Hardcore Parody. She…wait, what was that last one? That wasn’t in the Saw series? It was a what? Ohhhhh yeah, Ginger’s also an adult film actress. In person she’s a whole lot of fun and doesn’t take things too serious, so we hope you get a chance to meet her. But be respectful, because Ginger’s got over 25 years of martial arts experience under her (black) belt.