Edwin Neal achieved legendary status in the horror genre with his very first role. That is not an easy feat, but one viewing of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is all that’s needed for evidence. Ed’s portrayal of The Hitchhiker makes the audience uneasy from the start, setting the tone for a film that is all about tension and dread. Each time we see him as the film continues his actions grow more disturbed, creating imagery that becomes burned into the memories of each viewer. Ed has had parts in other horror films such as Future-Kill, My Boyfriend’s Back, Murder-Set-Pieces and Satan’s Playground, but he is also an accomplished voice actor, particularly in anime. He has provided vocals for characters in series such as Gatchaman, Ninja Resurrection, Devilman Lady, Soul Hunter, King of Bandit Jing, and many more. Ed is one of the most fun and expressive guests you could meet, and you can do just that this October 11-13 at Rock and Shock!