In 1983 Felissa Rose, barely a teenager, gave the world of horror a performance that made the genre stand up and take notice, and before she could even get a drivers license her spot in horror history was made. Without conventions or the internet, though, horror remained a very underground film category, and it took a long time before Felissa got her due. Once she did, though, she made up for lost time, attending shows and meeting fans with open arms and warm, energetic conversation and enthusiasm. She quickly gained a reputation as one of the kindest and most fun people to meet, and she has given back to her fans by starring in films such as Victor Crowley, Tales of Halloween, Rootwood, My Uncle John Is A Zombie! and Death House. Felissa will be with us at Rock and Shock this October, and as a bonus she’ll be donning her Camp Arawak uniform once again for a very special Sleepaway Camp photo op!