Scott Reiniger is celebrating two important anniversaries in 2018. First and foremost was his 70th birthday, and we hope he had a great one! The second may not be quite as important as birth, but for horror fans it’s quite close, because this year marks 40 since the genius mind of George Romero brought us arguably the greatest zombie film ever made, Dawn of the Dead. Once again, Romero revolutionized the genre he had already turned on its head a decade earlier with Night of the Living Dead, and Scott joined in to play Roger, a SWAT team member on a personal mission to protect his friends as well as the mall in which they take residence. His performance was so strong and emotional that Romero brought him on for his next feature, Knightriders, in the role of Marhalt. While Scott hasn’t been in front of the camera much since then, he doesn’t need to be. With Dawn of the Dead he created a legacy in one magnificent role, and this October at Rock and Shock he’ll be joining costar Gaylen Ross to talk to you about it!