It wouldn’t be a Rock and Shock without a visit from two of our favorite, most fun and kindest guests, Joe Knetter and Sarah French! Known over the years for truly disgusting and disturbing books like Room, Twisted Loneliness, Vile Beauty and more, last month Joe saw the publication of his biggest title to date: I, Survivor. The book is the biography of Andrew Yong, who escaped the clutches of Victor Crowley in Hatchet III and was then accused of the murders of Crowley’s victims. Joe worked closely with Hatchet creator and fellow Rock and Shock favorite Adam Green to create a tale to serve as the perfect bridge between the third Hatchet film and Victor Crowley, which picks up soon after the book ends.

Not to be outdone, Sarah French’s film career has been exploding as of late! The last two years saw her appear in the buzzworthy independent films Land Shark, American Satan, Death House, Lake of Shadows and Ouija House, as well as a brief but memorable role in the Amazon series The Last Tycoon. She also has several upcoming films that are already grabbing the attention of genre fans, titles such as Rootwood, The Amityville Murders, Art of the Dead and My Uncle John is a Zombie, which sees John Russo return to the subgenre that made him famous.

It’s always good to see hard work pay off, and we’re thrilled to see good friends of the show like Sarah and Joe making careers for themselves in the world of horror. Be sure to stop by and share in some fun conversation with them at Rock and Shock!