The Rocking Dead have risen from the grave! That’s right friends, for the third straight year the revolving band of musical ghouls will take the stage at Rock and Shock to play some of their favorite songs. As in past years, this version of the band will form for one night only, one performance only, and the only way to see it is to be there live! The band will be led once again by the returning axe wielder and animal activist for Faster Pussycat, Ace Von Johnson, as well as Kriz DK from Genitorturers and Deadstar Assembly. Joining them will be Brent Ashley from Combichrist, the returning Alan Robert from the legendary Life Of Agony, and if you want heavy, you’re going to get it, because the band is going to be rounded out by the mighty Cavalera Conspiracy/Sepultura brothers, Max and Iggor Cavalera! But wait, there’s more! This year the boys are bringing hosts for their set. Not only will Riki Rachtman from Headbanger’s Ball and Racing Rocks be riding with the band, but he’ll be joined by That Metal Show’s own comedian extraordinaire, Don Jamieson. It’s one hell of a lineup, but The Rocking Dead wouldn’t have it any other way. And, you know, maybe they’ll have another big surprise in store for you at the show (wink).






Those of you who were at The Palladium on Saturday, September 17th,  were blown away by an amazing performance and an ever more enthusiastic crowd when Sabaton took the stage. For those who missed it, here is your second chance. We are very excited to announce that we have added Sabaton to the lineup for Friday, October 14th of Rock And Shock. Make sure to check us out at www.rockandshock.com for more information, and stay tuned for some exciting announcements we have coming your way!





The DCU Center might need to have its doors raised, because Tyler Mane is coming to Rock and Shock! The 6’8″ Mane learned how to use his size to both entertain and intimidate by traveling the world as a professional wrestler, and when he switched to acting a decade later the lessons he learned in the ring served him well. His breakthrough role came in 2000 when he played Sabretooth in the original X-Men film, but horror fans got to know him as Rufus Firefly in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects. When Zombie was casting for his Halloween films he knew he had the perfect man to play Michael Myers, and it was in those films that Tyler really made a name for himself in the genre. Recently, Tyler and his wife started a production company, Mane Entertainment. In 2014 they released Compound Fracture, which starred the duo alongside fellow Rock and Shock guest Derek Mears, and are about to release their next feature, Penance Lane. He’s been a busy man since he was here last several years ago, and we’re hoping you’ll add Tyler to your list of guests to meet in less than one month!







Alright everyone, how about we put a little more “rock” into our Rock and Shock lineup? When you mention the MTV show Headbanger’s Ball to people, one of the first things they think of is our newest guest, Riki Rachtman, and with good reason. Riki hosted the show from 1990-1995 and took the show to new heights, going on the road to interview bands, getting the program an actual set (remember when Rob Zombie appeared week after week painting monsters on the walls) and doing as much as he could to get heavy music the respect it deserved both on the channel as well as in mainstream America. Before the show Riki played in L.A. punk and metal bands and appeared in the classic film The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years, where his club The Cathouse was featured. Beyond that Riki has hosted or appeared on radio and television shows like Loveline, Racing Rocks and Rock Of Love, and also appeared in the Guns N’ Roses video for “November Rain.” He’s got an incredible amount of music knowledge and stories to share, so please join us in welcoming Riki to Rock and Shock next month!




Attention: We have two more exciting guest announcements for Rock and Shock!

Here’s a cool addition to our Rock and Shock family: Zack Galligan! Did you know Zack’s first feature film role was Gremlins? Good work if you can get it, especially when you’re the lead! After the success of the film established him in the hearts of horror fans, Zack went on to help create another franchise, Waxwork, and from there starred in sequels to both series. From there he was in an episode of Tales From The Crypt and, for any Hellraiser fans out there, he had a small, uncredited role in the bar scene in Hellraiser III. Zack made a triumphant return to horror playing the major part of Sheriff Fowler in Hatchet III in 2013, and we look forward to giving you all the chance to meet him this October!

Look everyone, we have another guest to add to our celebration for Rob Zombie’s new film 31! Ginger Lynn plays Cherry Bomb in the movie, a role that is sure to be explosive indeed. This is not Ginger’s first Rob Zombie film, of course, as she played Fanny, the woman responsible for Captain Spaulding’s nocturnal emission in Devil’s Rejects. She also had roles in horror films such as Buried Alive, Evil Breed: The Legend Of Samhain and Saw: A Hardcore Parody. She…wait, what was that last one? That wasn’t in the Saw series? It was a what? Ohhhhh yeah, Ginger’s also an adult film actress. In person she’s a whole lot of fun and doesn’t take things too serious, so we hope you get a chance to meet her. But be respectful, because Ginger’s got over 25 years of martial arts experience under her (black) belt.




Two of our most popular and favorite guests, Joe Knetter and Sarah French, will be returning to Rock and Shock this year! If you’ve never met them, Joe has a tattoo of his own face on his ass, so you can tell he likes to have fun (and he’ll show it to you if you ask…and sometimes if you don’t). Besides that he’s a writer of such gut-churning, disgusting books as Room, Grave Mistake and Twisted Loneliness, and he also hosts an Internet radio show with Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton called Brainwaves, dealing in all things horror and paranormal (and assorted other oddities). Sarah is an actress and model, one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and the respect her intelligence and dedication has earned her in the horror world has grown steadily with each passing year. She has been on fire lately, working on John Russo’s upcoming My Uncle John Is A Zombie, the horror all-star film Death House and videos from Sunday’s Rock and Shock concert headliners Twiztid. Joe and Sarah even have a book about to debut about their paranormal experiences. These are two of our most beloved Rock and Shock family members, and we are always excited to have them at the show.





Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to talk to an actor who truly understands the finest nuances of slipping into the mind of a character, please come see William Forsythe this October. The man does not disappoint. Looking at his screen career, playing characters like Sheriff Wydell in The Devil’s Rejects, Ronnie White in Halloween (2007) or infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy in Dear Mr. Gacy, you might be a bit apprehensive to meet Mr. Forsythe, but that is his genius. That is how expert he is at his craft, giving his all to every role and putting every bit of his energy on the screen. Then when you meet him you discover that he is thoughtful, funny and intelligent, and you walk away happy you met him. We’re certainly happy he’ll be visiting with us again this year, and hopefully you’ll make time to chat him up about some of his 138 (and counting) acting roles.

Horror can not be defined solely based on the genre of a movie, as it takes a great deal of skill to create fear without ever providing a visual. No one writes reality based horror like Jack Ketchum. He has the ability to make you feel as if you were in every grueling scene, be it as a depraved voyeur or unwilling accessory. He can horrify, but more importantly he can terrify. That is the gem of realistic horror, the knowledge that what you are reading can actually happen and the fear derived within that thought. Reading his work makes you more cautious about being out late alone. You look over your shoulder more. You memorize more faces. You perfect the art of watching people around you without looking them in the eye. Ever since his first novel, Off Season, hit the shelves in 1980 Jack has been making us nervous readers, pouring gas on the fire in our minds with titles like The Girl Next Door, Offspring, Joyride, The Lost and Old Flames. In recent years he has published titles co-written with director Lucky McKee (May, Sick Girl) including The Woman, I’m Not Sam and the upcoming The Secret Life Of Souls. It is always a joy to have Jack at our show, and we hope you’ll stop by his table and pick up some reading to sharpen up your survival instinct.




It’s funny how horror actors who play characters that viciously murder people can be so nice in real life. You know who’s one of the nicest people, not only in horror but on the planet? Derek Mears. He listens to his fans and treats them as equals. He doesn’t even sit down at his table. If his fans are standing, so is he. But kindness alone doesn’t pay the bills, sadly, so Derek has made himself a memorable career as both an actor and stuntman. He broke into horror doing stunts on the television show Charmed and the film Signs, then continued as an actor in the Masters Of Horror episode Pro-Life, The Hills Have Eyes II, and of course, as Jason Voorhees in 2009’s Friday The 13th. From there his horror career took off, and Derek had roles in Predators, Hatchet III, Holliston, Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead, Compound Fracture, and the television series True Blood and Sleepy Hollow. He is constantly working, whether it’s on set or with his improv comedy troupe, The Resistance, and we’re very happy he had the opportunity to join us this year.

Kane Hodder appears at our show a lot. If you ever wonder why just go over to his table and watch as the line never goes away. People initially meet him because of the characters his name became synonymous with (Jason Voorhees, Victor Crowley), but they keep going back year after year because, behind the prosthetics and the hockey masks, apart from the killers he has portrayed, Kane Hodder is a good man. He cares about the people that come to see him. He jokes with them. He has serious talks with them. He genuinely apologizes if he has to leave the table for a Q&A. And on an even deeper level, Kane is one of the most charitable people you could meet, working on his own as well as with the Scares That Care organization to help those in need, especially those who, like Kane, survived severe, life threatening burns. His enduring popularity has given him the ability to positively impact a great deal of lives, and that, friends, is one of the most rewarding things about a horror convention.




Friends, we have two music juggernauts coming to Rock and Shock! First up is Phil Anselmo. Breathing new life into the metal scene in the 90s with Pantera, Phil and company became instant influences on countless up and coming heavy bands and young musicians looking for new inspiration. In that time they also gained one of the most loyal fanbases metal has ever seen. Since then Phil has been heavily involved with Down and Rock and Shock alumni Superjoint, as well as running his label, Housecore Records. He even has a musical collaboration going with fellow Rock and Shock guest Bill Moseley! Now, we know you guys and gals are rabid music fans, so we’re also going to announce the appearance of Alan Robert! Anyone who saw Life of Agony reunite to play our convention a couple years ago know that Alan and the band are still a vital part of music, leaving the crowd in awe on memory lane. Alan has also carved himself a much respected name in the comics world, putting out horror influenced titles like Wire Hangers, Crawl to Me and Killogy (which guest-starred one of our previous guests, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein). Alan has even broken into the world of adult coloring books, creating the aptly titled Beauty Of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book. Both of these gents will be signing all weekend at the show, and we hope you can come by to meet them!

More bands added: Demolition Hammer, Flaw, Sworn In, In The Red, Crakerman, Kissing Candice and more!

Greetings humans! Once again, we are ready to shock you with more rock news! We have yet another band wave announcement for this year’s Rock And Shock! Please help us welcome Demolition Hammer, In The Red, Sworn In, My Enemies & I, and Flaw to the lineup for Friday, October 14th! In addition, we will also be adding Crakerman, Kissing Candice, and Dead By Wednesday to the lineup for Saturday, October 15th! We are super excited for Whitney Peyton to be returning to the Palladium for Sunday, October 16th of Rock And Shock!  Stay tuned, we have a ton of exciting announcements coming your way in the next few weeks!